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Rains in summers and droughts in monsoons!  Climate change is happening right here and right now in front of our eyes and we do not need more scientific evidence (but a common sense) that we have made blunders in disturbing the ecological balance of the planet. With such as the gravity of the problem, it becomes our fundamental responsibility to act towards reviving the lost balance with the nature. Following are some of the steps which each one of us should and must take at personal level because localization is the key to internationalization. *Plant:* Plants serve as an insurance against your carbon emissions by supplying oxygen and offsetting carbon. Plant native trees in your surroundings and take good care of existing ones. *Air:* Wherever possible, prefer public transport or sustainable means of transport like bicycles. *Water:* Make judicious use of water and channelize the rooftop rainwater to raise groundwater. *Waste:* Adopt the strategy of reduce, reuse and recycle. Segregate the waste at household level. Make the compost out of wet waste and channelize the rest of waste to proper places. *Energy:* Prefer energy efficient devices. Never leave electronic gadgets on standby mode. Saving energy not only benefits the planet but also your pocket. *Last but not least:* Raise your voices and spread your work! Whenever you get a chance, speak for nature. Ask questions to authorities. Look how you can channelize the funds at the local level for maintaining the balance between environment & development and not just on infrastructure development. This may seem like very simple steps but if taken by everyone its effects on the planet are profound and long lasting. Remember as every drop in the ocean count, likewise every action of yours for a sustainable planet counts. So, make your action count!
~Abhishek R. Gawande
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