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Forestry is undoubtedly the single point solution to address the most defining problems of the 21st century may it be that of global warming, groundwater depletion, air pollution, and desertification and biodiversity loss. In fact it is by far the most effective and efficient solution to address most of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals benefiting both people and planet. We may not recognize but forests are intrinsically attached to our daily lives in one way or the other. Remember the time when you are drinking a glass of water, writing on a notebook, taking a medicine for a disease or building a furniture for house, you are directly or indirectly making use of the forests. It is well established fact that a single tree absorbs 22 kg of CO2 in a year for free of cost and all it is asking us in return is to simply let it live. Besides it provides us with essential products like timber, honey, rubber, gum and vital ecosystem services like carbon sequestration, groundwater recharge, soil conservation and flood prevention. Thus protecting and conserving forests not only make an ecological sense but a business sense too. Despite of it being such a critical resource, we the world’s most intelligent species ‘Homo sapiens’ are ruthlessly running after it in the name of development and in the process destroying our own lungs of the planet. We need to understand a simple fact that nature doesn’t need people but people need nature. Realizing the invaluable significance of the resource, let us act and simply act to revitalize and rejuvenate mother earth through afforestation and reforestation efforts because we simply cannot afford to wait!
~ Abhishek R. Gawande
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