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Lakdiya Puliya, Mahal, Nagpur 440002, Maharashtra

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Aims & Objective

  1. Conservation of Forest Ecology
  2. Strengthening rural sector to empower urbans
  3. Promoting livelihood program and natural farming
  4. Natural calamity aid, social awareness programs
  5. Restoration of traditional Indian ethos and values
  6. Develop Eco Mentors among society to lead activities

Vision & Mission

Our motto is ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.’ It is a Sanskrit expression which means, world is one family. Our cause doesn’t concern a specific country. It is rather global. Climate Change and Global Warming are one of the biggest challenges facing humanity. As these challenges are man-made a global effort is required to confront them. We believe that grassroots-level participation with the help of organizations like Arranya can prove instrumental in tackling environment related problems.

Founder's Story


Unacquainted with misery and problems of world, a boy named Raj was in Grade 4 in 2001 when an earthquake struck Bhuj & Kaccha region of the state of Gujarat. Newspapers, radio and TV were flooded with the stories covering this devastating earthquake. The students in Raj’s school used to spread newspapers on the floor before sitting on it to have lunch. One day while having lunch with his friends Raj read a feature story of the victims of the earthquake. He decided to do something for the affected people who were rendered homeless and were starving. He spoke to his friends and decided to send clothes to them. The children got response ten times to what they had expected.

Technically an NGO was set up by a nine year old boy. Raj’s interest in environment was kindled when in 2006 his project ‘Growing Trees In Less Water’ was selected for state-level competition organized by the Maharashtra Govt. His mentor during this time was Smt. Kalpana S. Wazalwar. She played a key role in his life. Under her tutelage he found his calling and at a tender age of 15 he decided that he wanted to do something for the environment. With infectious enthusiasm and congenial nature it didn’t take long for Raj to get support from likeminded people and in 2011 Arranya Environmental Organization was born.

Since then, Raj has been dedicating himself fully to his organization for which he didn’t think twice to sacrifice his job if that’s what it required to stick it out. In 2015, Raj got an opportunity to work at an international level. He was selected for student exchange program by the Ministry of Environment, Mauritius. It was a year-long program and he worked on Coastal Area Protection & Marine Life Conservation. In 2016, he worked with The Energy and Resources Institute, New Delhi.

After this he took up a corporate position as well with a lucrative package however, he decided to give it up as he couldn’t devote himself fully to Arranya. Around the same time he got nominated as one of the fifty Swacchha Bharat Ambassadors. In this capacity he has been working in meeting the goals of the top-bottom approach of the nationwide cleanliness campaign. Raj now a notable environmentalist is a social entrepreneur practising natural farming. He also owns a Gaushala with 66 cows.


What members Say about arranya ?

I became a part of Arranya in 2011, but now it’s a part of me. Here, you do not work for yourself but something more and bigger than you. You get to see things in a whole new light. My stint with AEO has been extraordinary. Right from environment awareness programs, tree plantation, treks, waste collection, eco-friendly holi colours and lot more activities. Association with Arranya not only helped me in my social life but also in self-development and personal satisfaction. I started my work as a volunteer & with the guidance of my dear friend Raj, I was able to play the role of a Joint Secretary for a certain period of time. Believe me there would not have been any AEO without the leadership of this ingenious boy. I am so grateful to him for his immeasurable efforts and would like to encourage all of you to just be a part of AEO once.

Kapil D. Wasnik

I started my journey with Arranya in 2012 Annual Meet. The only feeling which provoked me to join Arranya is that, we and our ancestors have spoiled the Nature till date but from now I will stand by it for conservation. Arranya has given me the perfect platform to implement my thoughts and ideas for preventing further spoiling of our mother EARTH. I have been a part of many programs and campaigns arranged by Arranya such as Eco-friendly Holi, Eco-friendly Ganesh Utsav, Nirmalya Collection, Seed Collection, Blood donation, Save Birds campaign, Environmental Library etc. The invaluable support and inspiration of Dr. Vedprakash Mishra and Dr. Wazalwar was an intangible driving force in all our projects and efforts towards our goals. I must say, my love for Mother Nature has increased after joining Arranya. I have actually understood the real problems of environmental spoiling. The friendly atmosphere and get-up-and-go attitude of all Arranya members keep me comfortable among them and therefore I will be always there with Arranya.

Mohana P. Kore

I take pride in being a member of Arranya. This NGO has given me an opportunity to look after one of its prized and largest asset- its library. I am hooked to books and I also work with ‘Granth Tumchya Dari’ a social project in Maharashtra dedicated to preservation of the habit of reading. The collection of books in Arranya is priceless and there is rare literature on environment.

Akshay Deshmukh

My friend Kshitij suggested me to join Arranya. Through this membership I have grown both professionally and personally. I am a photographer by profession and I have been documenting all the activities of Arranya in photos. Wherever I go I talk about the all kinds of activities at Arranya. They always have something going on. It gives a meaningful purpose and make you realize that you are contributing to something which is common to everybody.

Ravindra Manusmare

Life of a highly professional people is exactly contras to the life of a man in lower middle. Somewhere it goes in the way of a system of dependency but I also find it a troublesome arrangement of the society. Whereas, nature is subsequent arrangement of providing life to every single living entity. Arranya is a platform where I am learning so many things and getting company of nature lovers. A company of knowledgeable fellows making me a unique in my friends. My perspective towards looking Environment in surrounding has been literally polished by Arranya. And I am recommending many people to join this NGO.

Nutan Dhadse

Out of a desire to work on social issues I joined Arranya with my friend Nutan. My first participation in Save Nag River Rally at Times Square Dharampeth kindled a newfound interest in the cause for environment and since then I have stuck to this interest and cultivated it by dedicating myself as much as I can to Arranya. Raj has always been an inspiration for me.

Kalyani Sahare

THe Founder

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Founding Team

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Founding Team

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Founding Team


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