Mrs. Kalpana Sathish Wazalwar
A Conservationist

Kalpana is M.Sc. M.Ed. and Hindi Kovid. She retired as assistant Head mastar of Keshavnagar High School and Junior College, Nagpur. She is Ex-Masters Trainer of Rashtriya Harit Sena (National Eco Club) a Government project with 38 years of work experience as a science teacher. Kalpana’s proficiency lies in subjects like chemistry, zoology, botany and environmental science. Post retirement, she is also working as consultant and content writer at ‘Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education’ Mumbai. She writes for Mahadyan, MKCL, OERAS projects.

Being a teacher, Kalpana is also an excellent poet and writer. She built up an impressive body of work by penning number of poems, dramas, one act plays, stories, narrative themes, articles for edutainment. She is also the first on eto introduce joyful teaching techniques in her school for an unparalleled teaching experiences. She has written environmental articles which are published in leading Marathi newspapers. With a view of communicating a string social message through her every article. Kalpana has touched upon topics like AIDS, Female foeticide, eradication of superstition practices, population problems, scientific and environmental views of traditions and trends, Eco friendly festivals, etc. Her short plays, stories, speeches are broadcasted by All India Radio – Nagpur.

She has executed several initiatives pertaining to solid-waste and water management with the help of Government and non-governments, private organizations. She has been honoured with several awards including ‘State Government’s Best Teacher Award’ 2006-07. ‘Best Teacher Award’ by Baalvigyan Parishad Nagpur. ‘Best script writer award’ by Raman Science Centre Nagpur. ‘Shikshak Ratna’ Puraskar by private organization Manushyabal vikas lokseva Academy Mumbai. National Intergrity Sanyojan Samiti by Rashtriya eakatmata parishad sanyojan sanyojan samiti Mumbai. Ashree Akkalkot Swami Samartha Puraskar by Gururbramha magazine Mumbai, ‘Savitribai Fule’ puraskar by Maharashtriya sahitya shikshan mandal Chandrapur. ‘Rashtra Chetana Gauravmurti’ Puraskar by rashtrachetana Publication Jalgaon. ‘Shikshan Sadhana’ Awards by Ajay prakashan Wardha. ‘Krantijyoti savitribai Fule’ award by Maharashtra Dalit Tarun Sanghatana Nagpur. ‘Manav Bhushan’ by HRD private organization Chandrapur. ‘Aacharya Puraskar’ by Sarvodaya Ashram and many more.

She is currently associated with “Arranya Environment Orgaznaition” and is spearheading several environment related programmes and initiatives. She stays with her husband at Dhantoli Nagpur.