We aspire to make our world greener, clean and pradushanheen (pollution free) by planting trees, protecting nature and Preserving endangered elements of nature. For making this three P’s effective we depend on a third P i.e. Proselytize (convert or change). We want to change the attitude and lifestyle of global citizens. For simply changing some techniques we can bring massive changes. For e.g. we can keep the glaciers from melting simply by reducing pollution levels (of which there are numerous ways of doing on individual basis) and slowing down the global warming. For initiating such a colossal change a single effort is needed but a collective effort (of million people) is needed to materialize the change. From the example of relation between us and glaciers thousands of miles away, the oneness of this world is clearly understood.

The values which drive us are Acceptance and Development. By Acceptance, we mean that we must accept nature, as a friend, actually a compassionate friend. And we must strive in our best to leave this eternal friend for our posterity but with better aspects. We serve nature not merely out of passion or interest but we serve her because we are obliged to. By serving nature we are serving ourselves.

For the betterment of nature our focus is the most on trees. Oxygen in Vedic language is called as Prana Vayu, which depicts that the vayu itself is prana i.e. oxygen is source of life or life is impossible without oxygen. And all over the earth trees provides us this indispensable element of life. Hence, tree is the centre of our work area.

Character of a man is shaped by character of a society. Hence we, as a part of society, strive to change the attitude of society towards nature. We believe in the influence of pancha tatvas in our life. Water, Fire, Soil, Air, and light are everything for us. And if used properly and responsibly the Five Elements will keep us in peace.