Founder Story

       Raj Madankar                                                  


                                 Unacquainted with the misery and problems of world, a boy named Raj was in 4th standard in 2001 when an earthquake occurred in Bhuj & Kaccha region of state Gujarat in India. Newspapers, radios, TVs were flooded with the stories covering this devastating earthquake. The students in the Raj’s school used to spread newspapers on the floor before sitting on the floor to have lunch. One day while having lunch with his friends Raj saw something in the newspaper which moved him. He was devastated. The boy was restless. He decided to do something for the destitute and affected people in Gujarat about whom he saw in the newspaper. He saw the pictorial representation of the misery of the people, animals dying and the entire life in the area got upset due to shortage of basic needs. He determined to help the affected people. He talked to his friends and they zeroed on to collect clothes. The children got response ten times to which they had expected to.

        Technically an NGO was set up by a nine year old boy. Raj’s interest in environment has gained a considerable pace. In 2006 his project ‘growing trees in less water’ was selected for state-level competition organized by government on the occasion of Einstein’s birth Anniversary. And his mentor during this time was Smt. Kalpana S. Wazalwar. She played a very important role in his life. She is his ideal and inspiration. He became passionate about environment and nature. He realized that man is exploiting nature and damaging the future of Earth. He realized this at the age in usually which boys play video games. Likeminded noticed his excellence and joined him. In 2011 Arranya Environmental Organization was born. Though it was technically started in the tender heart of 9 year old Raj in 2001 it was officially put up 10 years later to when it started working. Raj now a notable environmentalist wants to become a social entrepreneur.