Aims and Objectives

  • Work for the protection of environment and wildlife
  • Develop youths as a mentor of society
  • Spread awareness about the peril of nature and its components
  • Provide support and care to marginalized patients
  • Develop community health programs and services Help the poor to access information and resources
  • Support literacy centers, skill development programs and increase e-learning
  • Promote livelihood programs. Work during Natural Calamity
  • Work towards gender equity and empowerment of women
  • To change dogmatic attitude of people regarding environment i.e. the secondary status given to nature by public

Punch Line

|| त्वदीयाय कार्याय बध्दा कटीयं ||

Twadiyaya karyaya baddha katiyam

Alert readiness towards upliftment of Mother Nature – It doesn’t mean that you have to be a solder or full time social worker, it just needs your time and your vision that broadly entitled to help/ make our mother earth ‘The Best’ in all forms.
We first have to accept it’s my personal responsibility and I am the only one who has to drive it in all the possible ways with every situation. Since it is deeply rooted in your heart then dedication level will be different. It’s our self-realization in the sense of conserving and protecting Mother Nature have made us choose this work so be ready to do it in own style.

Seed Collection 2018

Seed Collection is going on with full swing , where are you ?

Our Annual Seed Collection Campaign in which we collect seed of different plants by visiting fields,Garden etc .
This seed are Sown during rainy season .
Also you can join us at
” The Native seed Walk ” to collect seeds like Amaltash ,Arjuna,Sawai,Subabul etc on weekends .
At last kindly Donate seed to Arranya Seed Bank as
” Every Seed has Poteintial Capacity to Reproduce another Number of seeds “.

Just go for collecting more and more seeds and submit them at ARRANYA SEED BANK, do collect as many as possible.
Inform your collection status

Research on the Public impacts of Metro Rail in Nagpur city

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